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Send It With Precision

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Story by Richard Gonzales

The tradition of hunting has been in my family for many generations. I was introduced to hunting at the young age of 5 when my Father would chase whitetails throughout The Green Mountain State and he would toss me in the truck to go find a buck to harvest. I remember seeing his Remington bolt action rifle chambered in .243 topped with the trusty ole 3x9x40 scope in the back window rack. Oh how the times have changed with new technology and the hype of tactical optics along with long range hunting and shooting. With so many companies in the industry where does one start on choosing a quality product?

“here use my rifle and check out how awesome this new Black Diamond Optics scope is!”

A few years back I was out hunting coyotes with a great friend of mine. It was the last stand of the night and he said “here use my rifle and check out how awesome this new Black Diamond Optics scope is!” Living in Utah I have heard the name and just really never had an opportunity to look through one. It was an overcast sky with the sun just dropping below the skyline when we caught the flash of a predator trotting through the tall yellow grass. I placed the MOA reticle on the fluffy white chest of that coyote, pulled the trigger, and down he went. With what light we had left I asked my friend to hand me my rifle back. I looked through the Vortex scope I had on mine at the time and was able to compare both scopes side by side. The low light capability and light transmission of the high definition European glass of the Black Diamond tactical scope had me convinced that it was time for an upgrade.

I have since been shooting the 3x15x50mm BD scope that comes loaded and ready for the field. The long range series scope is equipped with 4 inches of eye relief, 30mm tube, tactical locking turrets 0.25 MOA for elevation and wind adj., illuminated reticle with 6 settings, 15 MOA travel per rotation, and parallax compensation. You also have the option of ordering custom turret tapes for your caliber. After purchasing my first scope I was so pleased that I converted my binoculars along with my spotting scope to Black Diamond Optics. For me the choice was easy. The warranty is by far the best in the industry along with the best customer service I have experienced. If you are in the market for a new scope or binoculars and want a High Quality Optic I highly recommend Black Diamond. When the moment of truth arises you want to be ready. Send it with precision and expand your potential!

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