20-60x86 Spotting Scope

20-60x86 Spotting Scope


Magnification: 20-60

Objective Diameter: 86mm

Body Material: Magnesium

Eye Piece Position: 45 Degrees

Field Of View: 117-60/1000Yards

Eye Relief: 20-18mm

Weight: 67.1

MSRP: $1950.00

  • Large diameter objective:

    General rule in optics land is that the larger diameter objective lens you have in an optical device the better the overall image quality will be. Downside is that your device will get bigger and heavier. At BD we have chosen for a large 86mm diameter objective lens plus the best quality glass you can put in an objective lens. For this we have used an Apochromat ED objective lens. This is the most sophisticated version of an ED lens, being built in 3 glass layers of various composites and high-tech finished and multicoated to deliver the best result in image reproduction. All this delivers:

    - Comfortable field-of-view at any distance.

    - Excellent light transmission delivering a bright and detailed image, even at low light and long distance viewing conditions.

    - Absence of image distortion, 100% true detail and color reproduction.

    - Natural image allowing long viewing without getting eye-fatigue.


    Top-class optical design:

    In the BD spotting scope you find absolutely no compromise in the optical configuration, material use and construction. We have chosen the best materials (partly German and Japanese originated) to ensure all elements continue to deliver image quality at its best:

    - All lenses are Fully-Multi coated.

    - Some of our lens coatings originate from high-end camera-lens industry.

    - Bak4 prism with additional 39-layer dielectric coating: delivering corrective capabilities in the full light spectrum.


    The Zoom eyepiece:

    The eyepiece is 20-60 power zoom of the best quality you can by. In choice of eyepieces many brands make a shortcut (because of cost) so the end result is just not good enough. At BD we believe only the best of best is good enough. Our eyepiece is an absolute masterpiece in design with 2 x 2 lens-groups, a smooth zoom-mechanism and large-diameter lenses:

    - Large diameter ocular lens for comfortable viewing.

    - Continued edge-to-edge sharpness, no compromise here.

    - All lenses are fully multi coated.

    - Additional protective coating on lenses.

    - Large 1.25” piece connector, this diameter allows more light transmission

    - Large diameter ocular lens makes digi-scoping easer and yielding better images.


    Large focusing wheel:

    We have chosen for a central, large focus wheel because this size gives you all possibilities to reach the optimum sharp image in one handling; without changing your hand from one to another knob. It makes your focusing work so much easier and more accurate.


    Water-, fog- and dustproof:

    Provided you have the eyepiece correctly mounted on the spotting scope body, you can be assured that the unit in total is 100% Water-, fog- and dustproof. Although not recommended the unit is submergible.


    Comfortable eye-relief:

    The BD spotting scope delivers an eye-relief of 18 – 20 mm (depending on what magnification you have set) which also allows spectacle wearers to be able to see a good edge-to-edge sharp image.