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TH-38L Thermal Rifle Scope

TH-38L Thermal Rifle Scope


The next generation of 384x288 thermal imaging devices is here. The exclusive TH-38L features 1024x768 high-resolution image quality with 12 Micron Technology and NETD 25mK, Germanium glass, and 10 optional color palettes on an HD OLED display,  Unprecedented detection out to 2000 yards, boasting the sharpest imagery while being able to range targets measuring out to 1100 yards. The External video features PAL WIFI and 32G of internal storage. 50mm objective lens harnessing an incredible field of view and zoom capabilities of 2x/4x/10x/PIP while weighing in at only 22oz. Once again, Black Diamond Optics has stepped up to the demand for the highest technology available for hunters and always designed by hunters!

  • Resolution 384x288
    Frame Rate 50Hz
    Spectral 12um
    NETD Less than 25mk
    Objective Lens 50mm/f1.1
    Magnification 3.93x
    FOV 7.5°x5.6°
    Close-up Range 60mm
    Dioptre Adjustment -5D-4D
    Zoom 2x/4x/10xPIP
    Palette 10 Options
    Start-up Time Less than 5 seconds
    Image enhancement DDE
    Contrast and Brightness AGC
    Type OLED
    Resolution 1024x768
    External Video PAL WIFI
    Storage 32G
    Battery 2x 18650
    External power supply 5V Micro USB
    Battery Life 8h
    Weight without batter 22oz
    Size 7.48x3.72x2.99 in
    Waterproof IP67
    Detection Range (large animals) 2000+ yards
    Recoil Rating up to .375 H&H
    Laser Safety Class (60825-1:2014) 1
    Measuring Range 1.5 - 1100 yards


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